Resilient Me Anti-Racism Statement 07/2020

Resilience in Context Anti-Blackness in the UK Anti-Blackness in Muslim Communities In seeking to understand and support the mental health and wellbeing of young Muslims, we acknowledge that black Muslims make up an integral part of our community. We also acknowledge that anti-blackness is just as prevalent within Muslim institutions and cultures as in the … Continue reading Resilient Me Anti-Racism Statement 07/2020

Resilient Me Book List: Part 1 (9-12 years)

Here are some great books for younger teens that portray different identities and cover difficult themes such as islamophobia, racism, mental health, asylum seekers and war in an acessible way. These books can be used by teachers within the classroom to stimulate discussion and empathy amongst students. We reccommend parents to read together with their … Continue reading Resilient Me Book List: Part 1 (9-12 years)

Islamophobia, Identity & Teenage Angst

Exploring the links between Islamophobia, identity and the mental wellbeing of young Muslims. First Published on Inspirited Minds 29/12/2020 As Islamophobia awareness month was in November, the learning that has occurred through this month needs to continue on. Professionals working with young Muslims need to look at how Islamophobia awareness impacts their practice. The effects … Continue reading Islamophobia, Identity & Teenage Angst