Promoting Positive Mental Health in The Muslim Community: Part 1

  Spirituality is described as a personal connection with or belief in something bigger then oneself and religion is described as the formal, institutional and outward expressions of one’s relationship to spirituality. Such as the Islamic practices of prayer and fasting and connected beliefs. There have been many studies which show a positive link between … Continue reading Promoting Positive Mental Health in The Muslim Community: Part 1

Islamophobia, Identity & Teenage Angst

Exploring the links between Islamophobia, identity and the mental wellbeing of young Muslims. First Published on Inspirited Minds 29/12/2020 As Islamophobia awareness month was in November, the learning that has occurred through this month needs to continue on. Professionals working with young Muslims need to look at how Islamophobia awareness impacts their practice. The effects … Continue reading Islamophobia, Identity & Teenage Angst

Why Resilient Me?

BCBN in collaboration with the University of East London & Inspirited Minds launched a national campaign to better understand mental health experiences of British Muslim’s (aged 18-30). ​They have since published the Hidden Survivors Report which shows the need for culturally competent and faith sensitive mental health and wellbeing services. Here are some of the top findings from the report I would … Continue reading Why Resilient Me?