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Many people feel that praying regularly and consistently will make everything better. It is definitely recognised that praying can help and spirituality has an important role in the prevention and treatment of mental illness.

Spirituality helps people understand their interpretation of the meaning of life and provides a sense of connection to something bigger them themselves. It also can help to develop mind-sets of gratitude and self-regulation.

As well as this the structure, routine and predictability that performing five daily prayers can be beneficial to people who are mentally unwell

What’s easy for you may be very difficult for you child. Try not to judge when things that might seem small to you, make them feel uneasy.

However many types of mental ill-health can include symptoms such as lack of motivation, low energy, disrupted sleep, loss of willpower and loss of control over aspects of behaviour. If someone is experiencing those symptoms then they may be finding it hard to get out of bed, or engage in productive behaviour.

Extra pressure on people experiencing mental ill-health might make symptoms worse. When supporting someone who is experiencing this it is always good to encourage them but try not to get frustrated or express disappointed if they don’t follow your suggestions and advice. Remember it is not a rejection of you, or of their faith. Although praying may help with certain types of mental ill-health, by itself it is not likely to totally alleviate the issue and other forms of help should also be sought.

Achievements you might see as small, can be big to your child. These bring them closer to recovery