Myth 1 – Mental illness is due to lack of faith

People who are suffering from anxiety, depression or other types of Mental Illness can often be told that this is due to their lack of faith and trust in Allah. Some think that if a person truly believed in qadr (predestination) and Allah’s جل جلاله power over all things then they wouldn’t be anxious or depressed.
We can’t say exactly why people develop mental illnesses, however we do know that certain factors can increase people’s risk of developing mental llnesses, including inherited traits. Some limited research suggests that mental health problems may be linked to a lack of chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine in the brain.
What we do know is that just as physical illnesses happen to people who have strong faith, so do mental illnesses.

No one is to blame for their own mental illness

No one is to blame for their own mental illness

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